Established since 1999, Tesla’s Toys is a subsidiary of Tesla Enterprise (Singapore). We have been serving the international toy collectors community with our 100% genuine Japanese toys and have a solid eBay and Amazon record. If its is original toys you want at a great price and reliable delivery, it is definitely at Tesla’s Toys!

100% Authenticity

We understand that bootleg anime merchandise are the bane of true collectors, that’s why we only source our items from licensed distributors and manufacturers. Don’t believe us? Ask to see our 100% feedback on eBay and Amazon!

Guaranteed In-Stock Items

If our product is listed as in-stock, it is available for immediately delivery.

Authorised Business Entity

We are a government-compliant, fully-registered business in Singapore from since 2008. As such, we comply with all international laws and obligations, including accurate customs declarations and customer refund policies.